Codul lui Zoran- Corina Ozon

Bună, draga mea! Astăzi a venit să vă prezint noua carte a Corinei Ozon pe care recunosc că am așteptat-o cu nerăbdare. Am tot auzit de Codul lui Zoran în mediul online, dar am preferat să nu citesc niciun review, căci am dorit să cunosc povestea din propria mea perspectivă.

Clothes for newborns and kids on Popreal

Hello, my dear! Since I became a mother I am interested in offering everything to my child, from love, care, support to everything he needs or ask for. I know that being a mother is something exhausting and difficult, we all struggle with hard moments but our job as a mother offers us so many…

Wigs for women

Hello, my dear! I am very curious to find out how you manage to take care of your hair and make it look different every day. I usually do not use so much the hair straightener, because I am afraid that I will damage my hair